Franchise agreements allow a company to use a concept and benefit from the know-how of a company that has already developed a proven business model. The agreement chosen is a contract by which a supplier grants a non-exclusive right to a distributor chosen according to criteria established by the supplier to ensure the proper distribution of its products. A selective distribution system is used, in which it is important to preserve the image, brand and positioning of the products. non-competition clause: prevents the representative from competing with the client at the end of the agency agreement. In writing, time and territory must be limited. This pre-contract information document must be presented to the distributor at least 20 days before the contract is signed. In addition to the basic legal requirements, you must also be in the distribution agreement: according to Article L.134-1 of the French Code of Commerce, a sales agent is an authorized agent who negotiates contracts in the name and name of his principal and ends up concluding it. A written agency agreement is not required, but it is recommended. There are a number of French legal and regulatory provisions that protect commercial agents. When drawing up the initial agreement with the agent, it should be paid attention: the contract was developed according to business practices through agency contracts recognized by local laws. In addition, it respects UNIDROIT`s principles on international trade agreements and refers to the European Commission`s Directive 86/653 on agency contracts.

If you want to sell low-risk products, a sales contract may be the best option. A “distribution contract” is a contract with an intermediary who sells products or services for you. There are three types of distribution agreements: (1) the “exclusive distribution” exclusivity agreement, (2) the selective “selective distribution” agreement and (3) the franchise agreement .a franchise agreement. Withdrawal rate: 1 month for the first year, 2 months for the second year, 3 months after. In the event of early termination of the agency contract, the agent is entitled to compensation for the damage suffered. L.330-3 of the French trade code requires the supplier to sign a particular document before a distribution agreement is reached, so that the distributor knows what is going on.