Detailed guidelines for both the Asset Protection Agreement and basic asset protection agreements are being finalised and will soon be available to strengthen three railway bridges on our Wessex line in the south of England. “This work will bring significant structural changes and will eventually make the railway safer and stronger, with minimal traffic disruption in this process.” Robert Haley, Project Manager for Dyer-Butler, said: “We are delighted to have been appointed to provide this lower bridge reinforcement work on Network Rail`s Wessex Road. The scale of work on these highlighted bridges includes repairs to steel mills, surface preparation and painting, masonry repairs and the installation of new ballast plates. Work on leatherhead Road Station has begun and all three bridges are expected to be completed by the end of March 2021. “This work contributes to a more reliable traction service by improving the condition and resilience of these bridges. Once these bridges are completed, they will look better, and it will be easier and safer for our engineers to inspect and maintain them in the future. The contract with Dyer and Butler, which is part of M Group Services, covers all aspects of the design to delivery at three sites such as Station Road, Leatherhead in Surrey, Emsworth Road in Portsmouth and Queen Elizabeth Road in Kingston-upon-Thames. . . . For more information, see our Investng in the Network guide, which is part of our stakeholder code of conduct. They have been developed and revised after extensive advice with industry, customers and stakeholders. Many of these documents are well-established models and codes of conduct to remove barriers.

Some are being revised to incorporate service levels and other recommended improvements. . They aim to reduce the need to negotiate contractual agreements for each system and to ensure transparency of payments to Network Rail. We are looking for solutions to reduce barriers to entry by providing a more cost-effective and efficient contractual framework.