About Me

Andrew Verboncouer

Green Bay, WI

I’m a 36 year old creative born & raised in humble Wisconsin, living in Kailua, Hawaii Green Bay, WI with my beautiful wife Lauren, our newborn daughter Violet Lynne & our dog Keona.

I enjoy minimalism and I’m a firm believer in chasing your dreams, never settling & questioning everything.

Partner, CEO & Head of Design at Headway, and President & Co-Founder of Digital Fertilizer. I’ve been designing for web & applications since 2004 and also dabble in designing tangible products.

I host a podcast called Seaworthy about Building Successful Software, providing actionable advice around product validation, execution, and promotion.

I used to play professional football for two years and had big NFL dreams. I spent 6 years grinding gears and attending over 12 professional tryouts and combines, but ultimately set those dreams aside for my health, my family, and other dreams!

After hanging the cleats up, my wife and I moved to Kailua, Oahu, HI where we lived half a mile from the beach and enjoyed the laidback Aloha lifestyle. After living on the islands for almost a year and half, we decided to move back to Wisconsin where we both grew up.


Make a Difference Through Design.

Everything is designed, few things are designed well.

As design thinking has grown and become more of a clear differentiator for companies and organizations, my goal has been to gain a comprehensive understanding of all facets of design, with a focus more recently on behavioral design.

By understanding design and how the human mind thinks, we can better design experiences and products that help improve life. By leveraging B.J. Fogg's Behavior model (B = MAT), and thinking about what motivates users, we can impact what they do.


Coffee, on me!

I love connecting with new people and learning more about their story and where they hope to go next. If you're in the area, I'd love to grab a cup of coffee on me and chat!

Let's grab a cup!


Current Ventures

Partner, CEO & Head of Design


Helping bring entrepreneurial ideas to market and keep them there.

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Headway Ventures

Investing in startups through strategy and tactical execution.

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A podcast about building succesful software.

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President & Co-Founder

Digital Fertilizer

A non-profit promoting high-tech startups in Northeast Wisconsin.

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Host & Organizer

Wisconsin UX

A monthly meetup sharing UX case studies & best practices.

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Bay Area Creative Club

Quarterly competitions for good, and a large traveling trophy.

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Task Clarity for Freelancers, Agencies, and Startups.

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Startup Green Bay Week

Advancing the area tech and startup ecosystem through unique programming driven by entrepreneurs.

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