My Background
& Journey
My Story

Born & raised in Wisconsin, I went to college in Minnesota, lived in Hawaii, and live back in Green Bay, WI with my beautiful wife Lauren, our two daughters Violet and Olive, & our pit-lab mix Keona.

I enjoy well-designed experiences and products. Black is my favorite color, proponent of minimalism and I’m a firm believer in chasing your dreams, never settling & questioning everything.

I’ve been designing for web & applications since 2004 and also dabble in designing tangible products.

Partner & CEO at Headway, Founder of Startup Wisconsin, Co-Founder of Kinetic, and others.

I host a podcast called Seaworthy about Building Successful Software, providing actionable advice around product validation, execution, and promotion.

I used to play or two years and had big NFL dreams. I spent 6 years grinding gears and attending over 12 professional tryouts and combines, but ultimately set those dreams aside for my health, my family, and other dreams!

After hanging the cleats up, my wife and I moved to Kailua, Oahu, HI where we lived half a mile from the beach and enjoyed the laidback Aloha lifestyle. After living on the islands for almost a year and half, we decided to move back to Wisconsin where we both grew up.


The impactful products, services, and communities that I'm investing my time, energy, and capital into.

Core Motivators

These are the driving forces that motivate me in all I do. As identified by mCore.


I am motivated to identify and fulfill needs, requirements, and expectations. I am quick to act, for instance, when people need advice, information, or emotional support, or when action must be taken in the face of unforeseen developments.

Meet the Challenge

My sense of achievement comes in looking back over a challenge I have met or a test I have passed. I come alive under the pressure of specific demands. I stretch myself to succeed in the face of tight deadlines, problems, competitive situations, or tests of skill, understanding, or endurance.

Make an Impact

I seek to make an impact or personal mark upon the world around me. I want to stand back from your efforts and know that I have made a distinct impression on materials, activities, people, or organizations. I may be stirred to action by the potential of a lump of clay, an empty canvas, or a blank piece of paper.


These are the businesses, initiatives, and organizations where I spend most of my time.

Even though I'm self-taught, most of what I've learned has been seeded by those ahead of me sharing what they know, what they're learning, and what they're thinking.

I'm driven to help people make their dreams a reality, and connect with peers and potential entrepreneurs to leave their own mark.

Partner & CEO
Helping bring entrepreneurial ideas to market and keep them there.
Headway Ventures
Investing in early-stage ventures lead by convicted founders with a big vision.
Co-Founder / Advisor
Connecting Human Potential for Higher-Ed Communities.
Startup Wisconsin
Connecting the high-growth ecosystem of Wisconsin.
A platform for establishing daily mindfulness, productivity, gratitude, and self-reflection.
A podcast about building successful software and teams.
Good Heart Haven
A scandinavian-inspired family retreat in Door County, Wisc. for all to relax and recharge.
Task Clarity for Freelancers, Agencies, and Startups.
A community of founders and creators co-working to create the future in Green Bay, WI.
On Leadership
"When a team takes ownership of it's problems,
the problems get solved."
Jocko Willink