November 21, 2014
A Place for Writing, Learning & Growing.


Welcome to my new website! I'm glad that I finally made time to make it - I'm really looking forward to writing and posting recent work here.

I'm going to be documenting thoughts through this blog with a variety of topics about design, startups, products, and just life in general. Writing helps you articulate and flesh out your ideas more and I think great communication is a very valuable asset that I'd really like to improve.

"The thing about writing is that it makes you decide what you believe."

- Unknown

The above quote is very interesting and something I saw on Twitter a while back. If I can find the source I'll update with credits. It's something that I believe to be true. It's important to consider different perspectives but it's also as important that you stand up for yours.

As I launch this blog I hope to gain new perspectives, uncover new perspectives through deeper thought and analysis, and hopefully help someone else in the process.


One of my buds, @kineticbear, is really into blogging and has been nudging me both indirectly and directly to get going on my own blog.

Make sure you head to his site and check out his book about blogging.

While some of my posts are going to be in-depth and essay format, others are going to be shorter about experiences, products I'm using, or products I'm working on.

Thanks again for stopping by! Let me know if there's anything specific you'd like to read about.

Cheers & Aloha!